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Hypnosis Course – Rapport Overview

The patterns of rapport – My personal thoughts

Below this post is a mind map showing many of the ways you can build rapport, but first I invite you to check out my thoughts, they are just my thoughts and open for debate.

The list below offers a variety of techniques that can lead to creating powerful states of Rapport, both consciously and unconsciously.Every  session starts with rapport! Every Coaching session starts with rapport. Every hypnosis course starts with ?…

…One of my bug bears is the amount of practitioners who present themselves as experts, masters of NLP, or Top Coaches when they haven’t mastered the basics of being a good coach.  Too much ego can get in the way of creating rapport, for my taste they are missing  the point and vital foundations.

Dont you agree ?

It is worth remembering that a top coach their purpose is  to help someone else not feed ones ego, or give them the love that they feel they need by using fancy words that people don’t understand.

A top coach will consciously and unconsciously be aware that the communication is held up by Rapport. The response you get from the client is linked to the relationship that you have and as a coach you are responsible for that.

Amazing results are possible in the presence of  great rapport. Never put blame out there takes responsibility for the outcome at every moment.  On one course I recently attended a well known trainer  who has worked with one of the founders of NLP, took a file out of someone’s hand saying thats mine, unaware of the impact of the relationship.

This client was going to invest in one of his courses but after this immediately left very upset the trainer unaware I was amazed. The more skills you learn the more you need to be aware of the basics.  I was recently coaching someone and because I could see she was boxing herself in with the beliefs I used stories, to show her what she was doing, I gave examples and asked her what she thought but the moment I noticed the relationship going I took ownership and brought it back.  You can push you can pull but you must always be aware of the relationship and remember it is up to you to keep it in the state that will get the results that the client wants, being aware  of  their impacts of course. You can push hard and make them see what will help them as long as you pull it back and get the rapport back.

These are my thoughts I thought I would share.

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Hypnotherapy Courses – Concious and Unconcious

The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

“All change takes place first at the unconscious level. Then we become aware of it.”


In NLP the conscious refers to everything that is in present moment awareness. The other-than-conscious refers to everything that is not conscious.

Our conscious mind is the container for:

  • sequential, logical, linear thinking, deliberation, 7 ± 2
  • cognitive learning, language, solutions
  • outcome orientated, aware of now, tries to understand the problem

Our other-than-conscious mind is the container for:

  • thoughts, intuition, simultaneous processing
  • feelings, emotions, resources, memories,
  • possibilities, solutions, generative behaviour
  • non verbal, experiential learning, communicates through sensation,
  • altered states, sleeping, dreaming
  • involuntary movements, runs the physical body (e.g. heart beat, digestion)
  • your whole experience, everything that you are not paying attention to.

The other-than-conscious is not a ‘thing’ but a process. It deals with all the deep life sustaining functions and all the thought processes that break through into the conscious mind like bubbles bursting on the surface of a pool. The conscious mind is what we are aware of, but, like the sea, it has hidden depths that support it.

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