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     'Hypnosis Breakthrough Weekend'

DATE: (22 May 2010 to be confirmed) Devonport Hotel Greenwhich

Dear Friend,

I'll personally be running my breakthrough hypnosis course in Devonport Hotel greenwhich London in the UK.  You're Invited to attnend - and see why Paul Walton said "Lees Course reveals how you can easily solve problems and apply hypnosis to your life".

You'll learn dozens of insider secrets of hypnosis and how and why that means you can help others or yourself get amazing breakthroughs in your life - - now and forever in any enviroment whatever the challenge.  You'll realise why over 30,000 copies of my book what is hypnosis has been read.

You'll learn the 5 secrets of hypnosis that everyone must learn if you want more empowering positive results with less effort.  The investment of this course was scheduled to be £797.00 but if you enrol now before 1st May It will be a total of only £347.00 per person for the whole weekend! Plus you get 3 months membership to my site to  cost to you zero.

I can't guarantee You'll ever again be offered such a jaw droping insights at such a low price.

This is a unique opportunity to discover how to induce hypnosis and learn dozens of ways to program your brain to get the results you want effortlessly. Or you take away the skills to help others, be a better communicator, better at influencing, and have your confidence boosted and as a bonus know how to calm your mind when your stressing out.

The venue is like a retreat and has a beautiful view over greenwhich park, but I have to limit the enrolment to 15 so it is on a first come first to get a place. When their gone -their gone.  Past delegates have missed out by procrastinating because every course has sold out.

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I'm really looking forward to meeting your personally and revealing the benefits of hypnosis to you.

Who Should Attend This Event
v People who are curious about hypnosis.. or want the secrets a better life

This fun packed interactive weekend puts the hidden power of your mind back in your hands.

A blend of practical, fun, hands on exercises helps you understand how to do hypnosis with crystal clarity.  I will also provide you my secrets of hypnosis guide.  Cost of the secrets of hypnosis guide zero!

After attending this retreat of hypnosis you have in your hands the skills to induce hypnosis, do self hypnosis and have more understanding of your own mind enabling  you to get amazing results easier with less effort.

In an nutshell you will understand the myths of hypnosis and know exactly how hypnosis really works to make breakthroughs in your life and  know why it works to help others.

As all past attendess know you will also understand that everything you do is related to hypnosis and you will have the platform tools and skills to drive minds to success and mind blowing results.

Learning lees Way he will pass on the secrets of hypnosis but also the secrets of hypnotizing groups of people too!

Yes I'm Ready To Open The Door To Hypnosis


"2 days ago I felt my challenges were controlling my life. Now I have the tools to make them go away and enable me to realize my goals thank you    Katherine Walters

'Discover The 5 Secrets of Hypnosis'

1 How you can use hypnosis to be a better communicator, have clearer thoughts in life, be more self aware and build rapport effortlessly

2 Discover The hidden language so you can induce hypnosis in everyone in less than 5 minutes

3 You will learn the secrets that take people into deep trance hypnosis to get mind blowing personal change

4 Learn what helps almost everyone get the life that you want easier and faster with less effort instead of going round circles with issues.

5 The secret that everyone interested in hypnosis must learn and much more.


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Attend these two days & You will discover

http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifWhat is hypnosis and history of Hypnosis
http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifHypnotic induction and Trance States
http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifHow to induce trance (hypnosis) in people in therapy and conversation
http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifVoice development
http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifThe 5 stages of a hypnotic session
http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifHow to do rapid inductions
http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifLaws of suggestion
http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifHow to enter trance states in seconds light medium and deep
http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifLearn how to access states where problems and negative thinking do not exsist!!!
http://leebannisterproducts.com/hypnosis/little_tick.gifSelf hypnosis

"Knowing first hand how powerful a breakthrough can be when using hypnosis; from personal session when he stopped me smoking. I decided to attend Lee's weekend hypnosis course to learn more.


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Day one:

1- Discover hypnosis, learn how it really works by doing it, and enjoying the pleasure of generative trance.

2- Receive a practical grounding in the principles of hypnosis.

3- Learn how to recognise the hypnotic trance and trance states.

4- Learn how to induce hypnosis.

5- Ethical hypnosis and the 5 stages of a hypnotic session

6- How to settle down into a relaxed trance, bring in problems and transmute the problem into desired solutions.

Day two:

1- Learn the power of your mind, ego strengthening and relaxation techniques, which can have immediate and profound effects on individuals where stresses can become manageable, confidence increased. Obtaining-
--assertive attitudes to life

2- Working with a subject deepening the level of trance

3- Know the Importance of voice in voice development.

4- Learn about skills and knowledge necessary to induce a variety of hypnotic states and the understanding of the clinical applications of each.

5- Learn about skills and knowledge necessary to induce a variety of hypnotic states using the laws of suggestion


The cost of this event is scheduled to be £797.00

Register right now before 1 May 2010

It will be an investment of only £347.00 per person.

Remember there is a two payment option available only £177.00 Each payment and remember you get 3 months access for the cost of zero.



To your success and happiness


Lee Bannister

P.S Discover hypnosis & how to do use it feel empowered and get more results

P.P.S You may never again be offered such insights and such a low price.


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