Understanding Feelings Through NLP

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People generally attempt to describe their feelings in terms of pictures, metaphors or internal dialogue instead of actual physical sensations. So before we go any further, answer this question: "How do you feel, right now?"

Here are some of the most common types of answer to the question:

  • Judgements and Comparisons (words like good, bad, awful, fantastic, better or worse etc.) Remember – these are not feelings, they are descriptions.
  • Analogies such as "I feel an elephant is sitting on my chest", "like the cat that got the cream" or even ‘I feel like sh%t!" Again – these are not feelings, they’re descriptions.
  • Neutralizers are words like "fine", "OK", and "not bad" are also ways of keeping our feelings at a distance (i.e. like descriptions)
  • Emotions (which also are not feelings). They are generalized descriptions of a set of sensations. "I feel happy" or "I feel sad" is a step closer to your actual feelings but are also descriptions.

So what is a feeling?

A feeling is an internal sensation, like ‘warm’, ‘tingly’, ‘cool’, ‘tight’, or ‘loose’. You may feel one thing in one part of your body and something completely different in another, though we are often only aware of one dominant sensation in any given moment.

While you may prefer certain feelings to others, there is no inherent good, bad, right or wrong to what you’re feeling – a feeling is a feeling is a feeling. How you interpret those feelings however has a huge impact on how you experience life.

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