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How To Hypnotize Someone & Self Hypnosis Tips


The first thing you need to do after building Rapport, is to induce the hypnotic trance or hypnosis state.  You do this by getting either yourself or the client to focus their attention.  In basic terms we are getting the client or ourselves to narrow our focus and ultimately get them or ourselves to start to relax.  I will have more information about this on other articles on my blog feel free to check them out here

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Once the hypnotic state has been induced here are three top tips to deepen the level of hypnotic trance.

Deepening techniques

1.    By direct or indirect suggestion.
"Each time I touch your forehead … notice that you can go even deeper. Go deeper now."
"With every breath you take, you may find a sense of the deepening relaxation that allows for deep trance to occur.
"Imagine walking down a flight of stairs that goes down ten steps for each of ten floors, and as you do go deeper in trance. With each step you go deeper. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and now you are at the first floor landing etc.

2.    By repeated induction.
Repeating the induction of trance (called fractionation) deepens the trance. Typically the more times a client is hypnotised, the deeper the client will go. If trance is induced several times in a row in a short period of time without allowing the client to fully wake up each time, the client will go deeper.

3.    By using Embedded Metaphor.
Using embedded metaphor will deepen the client’s trance. In fact, the more levels of embedded metaphor used, the deeper the trance which follows (although there seems to be a point of diminishing returns which happens after 12 or so embedded metaphors).

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