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Learn Hypnosis Ecology

Before you start helping with  hypnosis it is vital that you understand the process of ecology…



"Remember that to change your mind and follow him who sets you right is to be none the less free than you were before."

Marcus Aurelius

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A dictionary definition of Ecology is "the relationship between organisms and their environment." This is a good concise definition but what does it mean to you if applied in the context of your own life and the context of other people? 

The concept of Ecology in NLP touches on some interesting nominalizations like self and other.  Ecology in NLP can be described as the actions, behaviours and attitudes that are necessary to ensure your own continued personal well being so that you are emotionally, mentally and physically well.  Similarly if acting as an agent of change then by way of your actions, behaviours and attitudes with other human beings you ensure their continued personal well being.

Influence or manipulation?

People are attempting to influence us all of the time, in many contexts and situations.  From our parents when we were children to supermarket advertising trying to tempt us with pictures of delicious sun ripened apples to advertising painted on the sides of commercial vehicles. There are attempts to influence us all around. Some of these attempts use NLP patterns to, in my opinion unethically influence us, take a recent McDonalds advert – notice the embedded command.

‘If you don’t want a hamburger have a salad’  

The advert shows a rather small dish of salad and a huge succulent hamburger with fresh crispy lettuce and sun ripened tomato. 

Notice the effect of reading the last paragraph, especially the words and contrast with an advert that simply shows a dish of salad and a hamburger.

A perceived truth, if there is such a thing, is that NLP can be manipulative.  The application of some NLP patterns can be used to manipulate people. Note that the NLP patterns in themselves are not manipulative but the person using the NLP process who attempts the manipulation.

Ethical influence is a personal choice and of course what each individual person regards as ethical can be an interesting subject to explore. If you’re ethical (whatever that means) and you influence people that is fine. People may indeed want to be influenced and they may want to be influenced in such a way that they benefit from any interaction – this is called dovetailing outcomes.

Sales professionals attempt to influence in all of their interactions.  A customer may not know how much they can benefit from a new product. The influencing process of selling may be something like this…

  • Create and maintain rapport
  • Ethically introduce the new product and all of its benefits
  • Gauge the person’s level of interest
  • If yes – more process until sale is agreed
  • If no – leave and move on

Unethical manipulation would in this context be a continuing attempt to sell the new product after discovering the ‘client’ has zero interest.

Please feel free to spend a few minutes to consider what ecology is to you and add your comments at the bottom of this article.


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