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Why Rapport is the fundamental prerequisite skill for Hypnosis

Rapport is a bridge between our own models of the world and another person’s model of the world. When we create rapport with another person we implicitly agree to enter their model of the world and let them into ours. We have a relationship and a connection for that moment.

In this article I have already written two things that could break rapport because unless you have studied NLP you already might be thinking what is a model of the world? Let me explain quickly in case you have not had any experience of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in simple terms we all look at things from our own unique perspective everything we experience, everything that we think and do will all do in our own unique way, our own version of it. Often many people say "yes I know what you mean" or "I know how you feel" Unless you have trained and become highly skilled at hypnosis and a master of NLP and Eliciting Emotional States and Associating into those states. The truth is that people do not know how other people feel.  They can only guess based on their own experience or to use the above phrase they can only guess based on their unique model of the world. Rapport is a phrase that is common enough now to put in an article if you have been involved in business or heard the phrase, however if you haven’t heard the word before I am sure that as you discover more the phrase will sit easier with you.

If you want to learn hypnosis one of the best skills or traits that you can have (for my taste) is to be a likeable person who does not judge other people and is curious about understanding how another person thinks, how and why they  behave they do  and likes to help people get results. Another skill that will hold you in good steed is the ability to be flexible and communicate with a variety of different types of people. Not just people similar to yourself.

Rapport among friends is an unconscious and natural process. If you look about you will notice them sitting or standing in the same physical position as their friends. If you listen you will hear people using the same phrase or tone in their voice. These are all signs of the natural process of rapport.

We can also consciously use this knowledge to begin to build rapport with other people. You could match their posture, verbal words, their breathing etc.

As you are getting better at using your rapport skills so you will be able to notice the more subtle signs of good rapport.  When you’re practicing your skills with another person do the smallest possible thing to create and maintain rapport with another.

Being in rapport with someone who is different from you may not be a comfortable place. It can feel quite strange, this is because we are extending our map of the world into places it has not yet been. We will be temporarily extending our beliefs and values and ways of thinking to join someone in their model of the world while we offer our model to them.

If someone is angry or upset we can join them rapport fully by matching their energy.  There is a fine line between joining and escalating the situation or indeed jumping into the quick sand with them.

Why have I mentioned Rapport when the article is about hypnosis course the reason is that if you are going to hypnotize someone, the first stage of a hypnotic session is Rapport. You need to be able to build trust quickly which happens the first moment communication between you and the subject is opened up.  This could be on the phone, email or meeting them for the first time in appropriate environment.

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