Accelerated Learning

(Please use one of the inductions to induce hypnosis that is most suited for your client from learn hypnosis course or if you prefer choose one of your own)

As I am relaxing now I am letting go of any part that affects my learning ability.

And as I have let go completely of the part of me that inhibits my learning.

I have let go of




I am now enjoying my studying more than ever before. Thinking more clearning learning ability impoving 10x more than ever before.

I am developing a success conciousness. I imagine success, I think success, I know I will pass. I visualise success. I know I will pass and feel the happiness, the sense of pride within me and because my unconscious mind wants me to be happy, I decide now to let go of all part of me thinks I could fail, failure is in the past, I know I will pass.

You find that you are able to think much more clearly and you are able to concentrate much more easily. You become so deeply absorbed and interested in the subject that you are studying that you will want to give your full attention to what you are studying, to the exclusion of everything else.

Because you are so interested and absorbed in your studies, it becomes so easy for you to grasp and understand all the things that you read. And all the things that you read impress themselves on your memory to enable you to remember them more easily.

And every time that you are hypnotized you will find that your memory improves enormously and you find it so much easier to study. And you will not only remember what you have read so much more easily, you will also find that you are able to recall it without difficulty, whenever you need to do so.

Just as you have tested yourself recently you know you understand the information you like taking tests!
Tests allow me to understand how I’m doing. Tests allow me time to relax my muscles as I concentrate on using my intelligence. I look forward to examinations. I enjoy expanding my mind and all of its abilities.
Tests allow me to focus on valuable information and knowledge.
Someday I may need this knowledge in my life. I may someday use the information I’m learning to help someone I care about, to increase my self worth or to progress in my career.

All of the information I study is recorded for easy access whenever and wherever I need or want it. I can quickly and easily retrieve this information. When I study, each and every word I read or hear has its own meaning and importance. And I can recall it with ease.

I imagine my mind is like a video camera.
This video camera is recording all of my experiences… Everything I see is recorded. Everything I hear is recorded. Everything I feel is recorded.
All of these events and all this information is being recorded in my brain…All of this information will be readily available whenever I want it.

Before I take each test I will review this information.
I will read over the information many, many times. As I do this, I will become very relaxed. It’s so easy to quickly learn and absorb knowledge as I feel relaxed, calm and alert continually.

When its test time I will take take three relaxing, deep breaths when I enter the test taking area.
As I exhale, I will concentrate on letting all of the tension out of my body.
As I first view the test, I will take three long, satisfying breaths, concentrating on relaxing my body.
As I more deeply relax, my mind becomes even more fully alert and aware, running at full efficiency. When I reach a question that seems not as easy, I will skip it, relax as I answer the easier questions, then go back to it later. I realize that the questions that are not as easy will help me to prove my improved level of knowledge. I am much smarter than I ever thought possible.

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