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Why are doing that…       STOP!

Many people who come and see me are in a bad place, a bad job, or a bad marriage, bad debt, bad life, bad patterns, bad habits, yo yo dieting, crap job..


Yesterday I was told by a client I am going to lose my job..


And the question people are asking is, when do the good things start?


I’m about to reveal the real answer.  Now – full disclaimer and warning here – you may not like my answer. …


So here goes: The same day after helping 2 clients one with confidence and one with stress I went to get a sandwhich..


I saw a guy at the sandwhich shop he was well stressed out. He said do you have any chicken? No (said the shop assistant)

"RIGHT" He said and went to storm out the door, he pulled the door it didn’t open.

He pulled the door again it didn’t open.

"TYPICAL" He said, "bloody door" (blaming disempowers)


He pulled the door again "GRRR"

He pulled the door again..

"GOD SAKE WHATS Wrong with the door

"push the door said the owner"


I was laughing on the inside.. so hard,

I wanted to see how many times he would  do the same thing getting a poor result that isn’t the desired one.

People are like that. It’s the same with diets they don’t work!

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Heres the thing…


If you put a mouse in a maze with cheese at the end, the mouse will run the maze for the cheese.  But if you take the cheese away, the behavior will "extinguish" or STOP and eventually the mouse will stop running the maze.


They did an experiment in an  university.  The psychology department built a maze in the bottom of the building for students to run.  They put money at the end of the maze and since college students always want money, they would run the maze.


But here’s the interesting part, when the experiment was over and they took the money away.  Students never stopped running the maze.


In fact, they caught students breaking into the psychology building at night to run the maze hoping to find the money.


It was EASY to get a MOUSE to change a behavior.  


It was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get a HUMAN to change a behavior.

WHY its locked in your subconscious, if you want change work with a hypnotherapist and nlp master in london..


And that’s where I come in.


I use hypnosis to change peoples’ mindset.


Because according to your subconscious mind, you get what you focus on.


What you focus on without knowing it you bring into your life..

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