FREE Discovered The Secrets To Get Empowered & Happy

"They All laughed When I said I was going to

The Stress Factor Hypnosis

Hour‘   Until My stress went away My focus

improved and I

felt amazing for 5 days"


Recession Worries? Stressed Out? Living In Fear?



"Attend on Wednesday 2nd June"

Discovered – How To Get …


Venue Bridge House Pub (upstairs) Tower Bridge (6.15 – 730)

Lee Bannister already hailed by the press as the Stress Expert (In Style) "Bannister can help you be the person you dream to be whether in you business or your personal life."

From pioneering his hypnotherapy-massage treatment. Now you too can get the secrets to vanish recession worries in 3 easy steps.

You will learn REAL Self Hypnosis Secrets already proven many times that transforms people’s lives.

Stress & worrying about the recession is a killer!  The chemicals created in your body are toxic for your health, exercise is one way to release the chemicals this is treating the symptom, however walker in 1974 proved hypnosis actually can increase antibodies.

What will blow your mind is that in one hour you remove the cause!  And You get to feel amazing, refreshed & empowered!

 So what if at last you can discover new ways to smash free of Recession Blues and create Brand new stress feel life and have the feel good factor again.

In this 1 hour Stress Factor miniature bootcamp Bannister reveals exactly how you can remove negative thinking, negative emotions and feel empowered again!

Discover breakthrough techniques how to hypnotize yourself in seconds attend and you will feel an evalanche of positivity lee creates in his personal clients as he vanishes stress in the city and skyrocket’s your happiness and focus for days to come.

hypnosis in london

Attend the Stress Factor miniature  Boot camp’


WEDNESDAY  2 June  6.15pm – 7.30PM

Price FREE!

Strictly Limited places text your name  to claim your place for more information.

 Lee 07976 431 141

If your looking for one one personal session to change your life to think differently or feel different, change a habit or pattern in your life or find a way to make you be the you of your dreams. Therehit the  link below to see a 100% FREE video which reveals the secrets if hypnosis can help you…

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