Profiling Personality

Personality Profiling can be easy if you’ve already learned to calibrate on a deep level. See the body language, and hear their words.  Having the fundamentals of either NLP and being an expert in hypnosis, can help you mind read a person like a book. Can you imagine how much this could help you  in deepening your personal relationships or building rapport with your customers?

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People experience themselves and the world through the senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.

These sensory modalities are the means by which people code, organise, store, and attach meaning to input from the outside world. These are our Representational (Rep) Systems. As sensory input is internally processed (re-presented), it is translated into sensory representations or maps which form a synthesis of the original perceptual input. So, Reality (external) and our perceptions of reality (internal) are not the same – "The Map is not the Territory."

The Senses

•    V        Visual                       Seeing
•    A        Auditory                   Hearing
•    K        Kinaesthetic             Feeling
•    O        Olfactory                  Smelling
•    G        Gustatory                 Tasting
•    Ad      Auditory Digital         Self Talk and Logic

For the purposes of simplicity, the Olfactory and Gustatory rep systems are often combined with the Kinaesthetic. One other Rep System is often mentioned which is called Auditory digital. This system tends to focus on self talk and logic.

For many reasons (e.g. due to our memories, beliefs, or values) we tend to prefer using one or more rep system to process information unconsciously over others. For example, some people pay more attention to what they see and will form pictures in their minds when they are thinking. They tend to use words or phrases such as ‘looks like’, ‘have a clear idea’ and ‘let’s focus on’. Whilst someone else might more readily notice how things sound and internally re-present information in the form of internal sounds and use phrases such as ‘let’s talk it over’ and ‘that sounds OK’.

We can all use any of the rep systems and can switch from moment to moment from one to another. However, we still have a preference for one way of communicating information most of the time. If you can identify which rep system you generally use, and which your client’s generally use, then you can learn how to speak your client’s language and deepen your level of rapport and build the relationship still further.

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